Our Clients Speak

“I was looking for legal representation for a family member and found Alex searching the internet. I was immediately impressed with Alex’s response to the situation. Looking back I could not have acquired a better lawyer. Alex handled the case exceptionally well and we could not have asked for a better outcome. Alex, as well as his Jessica his assistant, was always available, returned calls and acted promptly. I will not hesitate to recommend Alex to any of my friends who need legal representation. My gratitude for a job well done!” — J.L.


”Alex really helped me, and in working with him, he managed an outcome for me much better than I could have expected. He sped up the case and expedited everything to a much faster timeline. Even after my case closed, he has always been there for me and answered all my questions. I really appreciate the great service.” — A.N.


“We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in A’s Case. Alex, your expertise and understanding are greatly appreciated by all of us. Your empathic human approach to A’s situation really helped him get through the past few months. Your experience and negotiating skills with this type of case were evident. We are so thankful that it was you who responded to our email for help! Jessica, know how busy you must be with all the administration work, I want to commend you for your personal touch, always making us feel important. Your reassuring, comforting voice at the other end of the telephone was always appreciated, not to mention your skill at getting things done. You are a real “gem”! Thank you. — G.F.

“I can’t thank you enough for all that you did for S. We will forever be grateful” — G.J.

“I know it’s been a while and it took a long time for me to say thank you, but I am writing to express my gratitude and to show my appreciation for your exceptional professional and successful representation on my behalf. I want to thank you and the staff for all your efforts and the strong case you built in my name. You were always encouraging and supporting throughout the duration of my case and it seemed you empathized with my situation. The way you handled my case with such care and professionalism meant a lot to me and I can’t thank you enough for everything.” — Y.A.



“Alex was recommended to me by a friend after I ended up in a situation where I woke up in jail with little to no recollection of the preceding events and was facing several criminal charges. Having no previous criminal record or any experience in dealing with such matters I considered several lawyers and decided on Alex after meeting him. He proved to be a good choice as after nearly six months and meeting all the requirements of a deal Alex brokered with the prosecution all seven charges have been withdrawn. My career would have been severally impeded if I had been convicted of any of the charges. I’ve already recommended Alex to many friends in case they ever end up in a situation as serious as mine. ” — G.L.


“Everyone was born to do something, and Mr. Ejsmont is clearly doing what he was born to do: defend you and keep you out of the criminal justice system once and for all. We all make mistakes, but my experience could have had a catastrophic impact on my job, my reputation, my housing, my family, friends … the list goes on. Thanks to Alex I am on the right side of the law again, and I’m never going back.” — A.A.

Hi Jessica and Alex. This letter is long overdue. In May 2012 I found myself in a legal situation I never imagined possible. I am a married, mother of three young children (all under the age of 8). I owned a home in a nice community, I worked full-time, I was University educated.

I had never been in trouble with the law before. Not even a speeding ticket! Therefore, when I found myself facing serious legal charges, I thought my entire world was going to end. I knew nothing about the legal process and what to expect. I basically thought two officers were going to show up at my door and arrest me in front of my children and I would be put in jail for a long period of time.

I remember coming into your office for my initial consultation and I was an absolute wreck. I couldn’t stop crying and could barely manage to speak. I’m sure both you and your assistant, Jessica, thought I was having a mental breakdown. I literally thought my world was ending and I would be going to jail for a long time. Within 30 minutes of meeting you Alex, you calmed me down and assured me that my life was certainly not over, and that there was lots of hope for things ending positively for me. I remember you telling me that there were many people facing charges much more serious than mine and that I wasn’t the only one who had found themselves in this type of a situation. You told me, “people make mistakes. It doesn’t mean your life is over.” You clearly explained the legal process to me and what I could and should expect. I left your office that day feeling a sense of relief and that I would actually have someone in my corner to advocate for me. After talking to a few other lawyers, I knew that you were clearly the only would I wanted to retain as my lawyer. After my first court date (which I didn’t need to attend as you were my representative), I remember meeting with you so you could update me on the situation. You basically laid down the situation to me and my husband.

You clearly told us what I was up against and what I could possibly expect. You explained the worst case scenario and what you thought was a more realistic outcome. You also strongly suggested, but never insisted, that I seek intensive counselling for my situation which I did. After we left your office, my husband said, “well whatever happens, at least we know we have an extremely competent lawyer who will do everything possible for us.” Throughout my case, I never saw the inside of a courtroom, you took care of everything for me on my behalf. While you took care of all aspects of my case over the course of 6 months, I was able to carry on my life and take care of my kids and family at home. You stayed in constant communication with me and my emails and phone calls were always responded to immediately. Jessica always knew me by name whenever I called the office and she was always amazingly kind and supportive. Soemtimes people don’t realize that when you are facing a dire legal situation, just having a kind supportive person answer your phone call can make all the difference some days. I will never forget the day in October 2012 when I received a call from your office and Jessica told me that all charges were dismissed. Done. Over with.

I couldn’t believe that you were able achieve this outcome for me based on the extent of evidence against me. I cannot thank you enough for what you were able to do on my behalf. It may sound melodramatic, but words can truly never express what your work has been able to give back me and my family.

I can honestly say I would recommend AE Law to anyone without hesitation. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any prospective clients.” – J.S.

“Alex, now that a few days have passed and I have collected my thoughts and Rick has begun his process on the right path, I need to first say thank you so very very much for representing Rick at the bail. Without you, he most definitely would not be out and have the opportunities that he has today to get on the straight and narrow. The fact that you stayed there practically all day, will not be forgotten about… Once again, much gratitude to you.” — D.S.


“I hired Alex to represent my father against charges of domestic violence. Time was an issue as there were a number of events unfolding, including my father’s job being on the line, which could have turned a bad situation worse. Alex worked quickly and professionally to help my father resolve the charges and keep his job. The outcome was as good as it could be, both my father and I were very pleased.” — K.N.


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“The happiest moment in my life was when I’ve heard these simple words: Charges dropped, when Alex just called me one morning to tell that, after six months since police charged me with the serious offence – assault causing bodily harm. The trial expected to be only in a year or even more. And that caused a lot of other problems you could possibly imagine because of restraining order I got. And the most awful thing was that my plans for new future life could crash also. When I was looking for a lawyer, most of those I spoke to, predicted a long procedure ending with the trial, where the judge has to believe or not, that it was an accident and not assault. And all of them asked thousands in a retainer plus an hourly rate. What I’ve heard from Alex was completely different, and actually attracted me: – I feel I can help with your case; The rate is fixed for the whole case; You can leave it with me and continue living your own life. That was said very confidently and it was exactly what I needed to hear to make a decision. And after six months I got a call … – Charges dropped. Congratulations. Thanks a lot Alex, and your team – Mike and Jessica.” — L.T.

“Your law firm was up-front regarding payment and all business was conducted in a professional matter. I will recommend your office to all of my family and friends.” — R.P.

“A domestic disturbance call was made and the cops were informed that a dangerous person of interest was at my address. The police entered the premises and booked me with 2.5 pounds of marijuana after searching the room for weapons. In court they wanted 2 years in prison. I talked to several crown attorneys and 4 different lawyers they couldn’t do better than 500$ fine and a criminal record. After Alex took my case, I ended up with 150 hours of community service instead, and the charges were dropped! No Fine, No Record. ” — M.W.


“I really appreciate all the hard work you put into this and I am really impressed with how quickly things got resolved… I was in shock when you gave me the news over the phone. I didn’t think it could this easy! But with your hard work, it really was possible… Alex I remember sitting in my study trying to figure out how to get myself out of this terrible situation. I was stressed and confused and was in such a horrible position that I couldn’t study or concentrate for weeks. So, one day I just happened to come across your name online and decided to give you a call. I am so glad that I did because in all honestly I couldn’t of gotten out of this mess without you. More importantly, this situation has made me become more aggressive and “ballsy” because I had to stand up for my own rights. I think this whole situation will truly help me in my career because this situation, as personal as it was, has made me become a more assertive and stronger individual. Overall, I did get out of this mess but I gained so much more Alex and for that I cannot thank you enough.” — M.M.


“I was looking for a good lawyer, tired on browsing online, and giving them a call and a lot of them didn’t bother to reply. But when I came to Alex’s website, emailed him and like after 2 minutes he called me for my queries. And at that point I knew that he will be the right lawyer who can help me. On my first meeting with him, I am a little bit nervous because this is my first charge and have no idea what’s going to happen. But after he explained to me everything, he assured me that there will be nothing to worry, that I can sleep good in the night, and that everything will be under control. And so from that day forward, I feel more comfortable and at ease because I know I got a very good lawyer who will stand with me. Even with my financial status, Alex helped us to recuperate and gave me considerations too. Alex and his associates (Jessica, Mike and Dan) were so comfortable, helpful and friendly to work with. They never fail to give a smile on to your face, and letting you know that you were taken care of. Until on that time the prosecutor says that my charges were dropped and no record, I had a peace of mind. Again, for Atty. Alexander Ejsmont and Associates, I am so thankful for everything you did. I will definitely recommend you to people who will need that much of a TLC…” — V.G

I was quite worried about the charges against me and the effect they may have on my professional career and general well-being. Upon contacting Alex, he was able to provide me with a clear picture on how the case would be handled by the firm & prosecution, the expected & desired outcomes, and a general course of action going forward. This gave me a great sense of relief and allowed me to maintain focus on the rest of my life while getting updates from his team. I would wholeheartedly recommend Alexander Ejsmont should you require legal assistance.” — R.E.

I’d recommend Alex to anybody requiring professional lawyer services. Mr. Ejsmont is a real professional, and offers no bones services to his clients. My case wasn’t probably different from any other criminal case, but we hammered out a defence together, and I was always free to articulate any concerns. The outcome kept me out of jail, and warrants a challenge to those high priced lawyers who spun scare tactics. To me, Mr. Ejsmont is my man of confidence.” — G.P.


“Alexander Ejsmont is a well schooled, thorough and definitely one of the very best legal representative one can have. He is very accommodating, and is a lawyer who cares more about his clients than financial gain. Alex is a lawyer par excellence who has a team that are equally dedicated. Thanks Alex, having you as my legal representative is definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made.” — F.C.


“I was caught dead in the water with a theft charge. I was convinced the I had just thrown away my reputation and my future. From the first phone call Alex was straight forward and encouraging. Alex and his staff understand the shame and fear that comes with making poor decisions and worked hard to find me a way out. After all was said and done all my charges were dropped and all I had to do was write a short essay and make a $250 donation to a charity, a small price to pay to keep my hopes and dreams intact. I really didn’t think that this process could be so easy to resolve and Alex was there with me through every step of the process.” — K.N.


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“Alex is a sharp lawyer with a remarkably strong work ethic. He is the rare type of lawyer that places the best interests of his clients above all else.” — Bo Arfai, Criminal Lawyer, Private Practice

“I was looking for legal representation in my case and Alex came recommended by a family member. After calling him I knew I do not have to search for anybody else. I was immediately impressed with Alex’s response to the situation. He advised me on the best course of action and, after we decided on a solution, he worked quickly, professionally, and with precision to resolve the issue. Looking back I could not have acquired a better lawyer. Alex handled the case exceptionally well and we could not have asked for a better outcome. Alex, as well as his Jessica his assistant, was always available, returned calls and acted promptly. I will not hesitate to recommend Alex to any of my friends who need legal representation. My family and I thank you for what you have done for me. Words cannot express how appreciative we are. Thanks a lot Alex and Jessica.” — S.F.


“Alex had come highly recommended from a personal acquaintance, and so when I ran into a dispute that morphed into a possible libel case, I turned to him for help. After a brief chat, I knew I wanted Alex on my side. He advised me on the best course of action and, after we decided on a solution, he worked quickly, professionally, and with precision to resolve the issue. Alex has a legal mind far and above anyone I’ve ever met, and quite frankly I would hate to be on the opposing side in the court room. He’s a no-nonsense guy and he’s not afraid to share his opinion, something I value highly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to anyone, especially people with particularly challenging legal conundrums.‎” — D.W.


“I found Alex on the net and gave him a call. I spoke to him and I felt that he had a good knowledge about criminal law. I met with him and he was very honest and actually cared about my situation. He made me feel confident with my case and helped me through the whole thing. Alex would call me at least once a week just to make sure I was okay and kept me informed with the case. He put in extra work and went over and beyond to fight for me. I was Very Happy with the results and I would refer him to anyone who needs a good caring honest lawyer, which is hard to find nowadays.” — P.P.

“My family and I thank you for what you have done so far. Words cannot express how appreciative we are. After this is all done we should go for a beer!” — S.S.

“Alex Ejsmont brings a common sense to the courtroom that is welcome on both sides of the Bar. His reputation for civility combined with a no-nonsense approach to the practice of law give his clients a valuable advantage in the defence of criminal allegations.” – Marcus Bornfreund, LL.M., Criminal Lawyer, Private Practice