When someone is charged with a crime, the possible consequences of jail time, deportation, or a criminal record become all too real. With cases appearing in local newspapers and on the internet, there is also the risk of permanent damage to your reputation. When you hire an experienced lawyer, you get the benefit of a skill set that involves research, negotiation, and strategy. We will hear your story, examine the evidence, and give you a good sense of whether or not the Crown prosecutor will be able to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. We will explain the best possible outcome, and what steps need to be taken to protect your reputation and fight for your future. Below is a sampling of the firm’s cases:

R. v. S.H. [2015] – Clients, two university-age students with prior arrest history in the justice system are charged with Fraud Under $5000, Credit Card Fraud, and Uttering Forged Documents following allegations of multiple month shopping-spree throughout British Columbia involving stolen credit cards.  Government alleges clients conducted over 30 fraudulent transactions, with several thousand dollars in losses.  Following six-month negotiation period with the Crown, the judge accepts a joint recommendation for a Conditional Discharge with no criminal record–  CONDITIONAL DISCHARGE and NO CRIMINAL RECORD

R. v. M.B. [2013] – Client charged with Fraud Over $5000 and Uttering Forged Documents related to a Breach of Trust at the workplace involving the submission of false invoices over a 4 year period. Total losses to company and insurance exceed $350,000. No restitution is made. Prosecutor requested 3 to 5 year penitentiary sentence. Following several days of sentencing submissions, client gets house arrest and is able to keep his current job. Case noted in national legal sentencing journal – CONDITIONAL SENTENCE and NO PRISON

R. v. B.D. [2011] – Client accused of presenting forged pay stubs, T4 slips, and income history to charter bank in an effort to obtain a mortgage on a property in excess of $250,000.  Police charged Client with Fraud Over $5000 and several counts of Uttering Forged Documents.  Upon arrest, Client made several statements and admissions to the police.  Police investigation alleged that pay stubs from non-existent companies were created by my Client and submitted to the bank in order to facilitate the securing of financing.  Crown proceeded by indictment and Client faced possibility of several years of prison time.  Following extensive discussions with the prosecutor, all charges were withdrawn at the request of the Crown.  CHARGES WITHDRAWN – NO CRIMINAL RECORD

R. v. J.G. [2011] – University student Client accused of forging prescriptions at several pharmacies for the purpose of obtaining narcotics.  Client was charged with several counts of Uttering Forged Documents.  After meeting with the prosecutor and presenting a comprehensive summary of my Client’s medical history, arrangements were made to have the Client enter and complete an out-patient counseling and rehabilitation program.  Upon showing proof of completion to the prosecutor, all charges were withdrawn at the request of the Crown.  CHARGES WITHDRAWN – NO CRIMINAL RECORD

R. v. S.P. [2010] – Client charged with Uttering Forged Documents and Forgery following extensive several year police investigation.  Police alleged that  Client used a false identity and forged documents to file a false refugee claim.  After the refugee claim was approved, Client alleged to have subsequently obtained benefits from the government.  Following discussions with a senior prosecutor, Client agrees to pay a $500 fine.  FINE and NO JAIL

R. v. M.E. [2010] – Client charged with several fraud related counts for allegedly presenting falsified documentation including forged pay stubs, letters of employment, and tax return filings in an attempt to secure a several thousand dollar tax refund.  Client was arrested at the scene and charged with Attempted Fraud Over $5000, Uttering Forged Documents, and Forgery.  In the disclosure video surveillance was provided.  Crown proceeded by Indictment, and Client faced possibility of several years imprisonment – CHARGES WITHDRAWN – NO CRIMINAL RECORD