When someone is charged with a crime, the possible consequences of jail time, deportation, or a criminal record become all too real. With cases appearing in local newspapers and on the internet, there is also the risk of permanent damage to your reputation. When you hire an experienced lawyer, you get the benefit of a skill set that involves research, negotiation, and strategy. We will hear your story, examine the evidence, and give you a good sense of whether or not the Crown prosecutor will be able to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. We will explain the best possible outcome, and what steps need to be taken to protect your reputation and fight for your future. Below is a sampling of the firm’s cases:

R. v. B.L. [2013] – Client charged with over 70 Fraud-related offences including Falsify Credit CardIdentity Theft, False Statement in Writing, Obtaining Credit by Fraud, and Personation, totalling several thousands of dollars. Client acknowledged using her position of trust as an admin to steal client data and take out credit cards in customer’s names. Credit cards are then used at casinos and retail stores. Prosecutor requested a period of custody. Following sentencing submissions, judge imposes a period of probation, citing client’s personal circumstances as “exceptional.” – SUSPENDED SENTENCE and NO JAIL

R. v. Y.A. [2011] – A joint bank and police investigation regarding fraud credit card losses exceeding $50,000 resulted in charges being laid against my Client.  Police alleged that over the course of several months, compromised bank account information resulted in the fraudulent internet based purchase and delivery of merchandise to my Client’s address.  Over sixteen charges were laid including Identity Theft, Fraudulent Use of Credit Card Data, and Fraudulently Possessing Credit Card Data.  Over the course of several discussions with the Crown, my argument that there was no reasonable prospect of conviction was eventually acknowledged, and all charges against my Client were dropped.  CHARGES WITHDRAWN – NO CRIMINAL RECORD