When someone is charged with a crime, the possible consequences of jail time, deportation, or a criminal record become all too real. With cases appearing in local newspapers and on the internet, there is also the risk of permanent damage to your reputation. When you hire an experienced lawyer, you get the benefit of a skill set that involves research, negotiation, and strategy. We will hear your story, examine the evidence, and give you a good sense of whether or not the Crown prosecutor will be able to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. We will explain the best possible outcome, and what steps need to be taken to protect your reputation and fight for your future. Below is a sampling of the firm’s cases:

R. v. A.I. [2016]– Client, a young adult out on the town with friends, is charged with Assault Bodily Harm following altercation with victim outside of a bar. Victim requires significant medical after-care. Crown prosecutor insists on a criminal record. Client completes rehabilitation plan through office and judge agrees with our submissions that client should be discharged with no criminal record – CONDITIONAL DISCHARGE and NO CRIMINAL RECORD

R. v. W.H. [2015] – Client, a professional academic, is charged with Assault Bodily Harm following a dispute with a stranger in a parking lot.  Crown alleges serious injuries requiring medical attention sustained by complainant.  Following six month negotiation period, all charges are dropped against my client. –  CHARGES WITHDRAWN and NO CRIMINAL RECORD

R. v. D.J. [2015] – Client, a recent arrival to Canada, charged with a half-dozen related offences including Domestic Assault, Uttering Threats, and Assault Bodily Harm in Lower Mainland.  Ex-wife alleges serious pattern of abuse including allegations of choking and sustained injuries dating back a number of years. Crown proceeds by incident and originally discusses 18-24 month jail term.  Following 12 month negotiation and rehabilitative plan, the judge accepts a joint recommendation for probation with no-jail time –  SUSPENDED SENTENCE and NO JAIL

R. v. I.H. [2014] – Client, an executive, charged with alcohol-related Assault Bodily Harm in Lower Mainland incident after passersby witness two men in an altercation and report incident to police.  Significant issues with eyewitness descriptions and circumstances are pointed out to Crown Counsel during 3 month pre-trial negotiation stage –  ALL CHARGES WITHDRAWN and NO CRIMINAL RECORD

R. v. S.D. [2012] – Client, a youth, was charged under the YCJA with Assault Causing Bodily Harm following incident where police allege that client attacked another male. Police alleged there was a dispute over an ex-girlfriend, and that Client’s attack result in significant injuries requiring medical attention. Following a year of resolution discussions with the Crown, the officer-in-charge, and numerous judicial pre-trials, the Crown refused to budge on their position of a probationary period. Following extensive submissions, the judge agreed with defense and imposed a JUDICIAL REPRIMAND AND NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

R. v. M.B. [2012] – Client was charged with Domestic Assault, Assault Bodily Harm, Mischief, Weapons Dangerous, and Forcible Confinement following a serious domestic dispute.  Client is arrested at the scene.  Severity of allegations result in matter being screened for jail.  Following a comprehensive plan of rehabilitation, multiple discussions with the Crown and several Judicial Pre-Trials over the course of a year, client please to assault and mischief, all other remaining charges are withdrawn, and judge accepts joint submission for a CONDITIONAL DISCHARGE

R. v. W.J. [2009] – Client charged with Assault Bodily Harm and Mischief stemming from alcohol induced attack on passerby victim on major downtown street; subsequently charged with 4 Breaches of court conditions and Obstruct Police – SUSPENDED SENTENCE AND PROBATION

R. v. D.N. [2009]Youth client charged with serious Assault Bodily Harm stemming from schoolyard incident – complainant suffered significant trauma and injuries – client completes counseling and writes apology letter – enters into Peace Bond – permitted back in same school – CHARGES WITHDRAWN AND NO CRIMINAL RECORD