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Richmond Criminal Lawyer Alexander Ejsmont defends clients charged with serious criminal offences in Richmond and throughout British Columbia. He has successfully represented hundreds of individuals charged with offences under the Criminal Code of Canada including those facing serious violent offences such as assault and domestic assault, property crimes such as fraud and theft, and other serious charges:

Violent Offences

Property Crimes

Other Charges

How do I find the best criminal lawyer in Richmond for my case?

There are many well-trained, capable and experienced criminal defence lawyers in British Columbia and throughout Canada. You always have the right to choose your own lawyer and like with doctors and other professions, there are some with more extensive experience with certain types of charges. We would be happy to discuss your case to see if we can be of assistance. Also, if you are interested in legal representation for non-criminal issues such as immigration, civil litigation, or family law, we are able to refer you to our colleagues in BC and throughout Canada.

Do you offer free legal advice for criminal cases in Richmond?

Richmond Criminal Lawyer Alex Ejsmont offers free consultations for all criminal matters. If you choose to retain our office to defend you, you will be charged a *flat fee* for your criminal case up to and including a one day trial. This fee covers all court appearances, meetings, negotiations with the Crown prosecutor, and communications with your lawyer.

When are you available to meet with me?

All of our in-person consultations are by appointment only at our Vancouver office, or occasionally in Richmond near the courthouse. When you attend for a consultation, you will meet with Alexander Ejsmont directly and never with a paralegal or a law student. Consultations can be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time in the days, evenings, or weekends.

Does your criminal law firm focus on any types of cases such as Assault or Fraud?

Our criminal defence law practice deals with both violent and property related charges such as those involving domestic or spousal violence, and fraud matters involving credit cards, breach of trust situations, and shoplifting.  You are welcome to click on any of the links related to the charges to learn more about our practice and experience with each of those particular cases.

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Everyone was born to do something, and Mr. Ejsmont is clearly doing what he was born to do: defend you and keep you out of the criminal justice system once and for all.
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