Internet & Cybercrime

While crime across Canada has seen a significant decrease over the past decade, the number of offences related to conduct occurring over the internet continues to rise.  Internet related offences in Canada generally fall into three categories: Cyberbullying and online harassment, Fraud related crimes, and Sexual based offences.  Although there are a number of criminal charges in Canada that are laid as a result of conduct over the internet, most of the internet-related charges that are laid under the Criminal Code of Canada fall under traditional, long-standing crime definitions.  (For example, there is no crime of “cyberbullying” in Canada.  The charge is usually laid under the traditional “Criminal Harassment” charge.)

Over the past few years, however, legislative efforts have been made throughout the common-law world to include the specific criminalization of internet-related conduct.  Many U.S. states now include as specific offences conduct that is exclusively internet-based, whether related to online bullying or harassment, fraud offences, or sexual offences.

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