When someone is charged with a crime, the possible consequences of jail time, deportation, or a criminal record become all too real. With cases appearing in local newspapers and on the internet, there is also the risk of permanent damage to your reputation. When you hire an experienced lawyer, you get the benefit of a skill set that involves research, negotiation, and strategy. We will hear your story, examine the evidence, and give you a good sense of whether or not the Crown prosecutor will be able to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. We will explain the best possible outcome, and what steps need to be taken to protect your reputation and fight for your future. Below is a sampling of the firm’s cases:

R. v. B.H. [2017] – Client, a professional executive, is charges with workplace related Fraud Over $5000 and Theft Over $5000 by engaging in deceptive business practices placing his employer at financial risk. Client allegedly diverted funds in excess of $45,000 intended for employer into personal account. Case is discussed with senior Crown over a period of 18 months. Crown Prosecutor and defence jointly propose a period of probation with no custody – SUSPENDED SENTENCE and NO JAIL

R. v. P.A. [2017] – Client, a high level executive, is charged with sending sexual Intimate Images of ex-girlfriend to third-parties, and disclosing her identity to the recipients. Client confessed to the charges prior to retaining firm. Firm arranges year-long rehabilitation plan, including coursework on internet use, respectful relationships, and civil settlement. We also obtain immigration letter from respected US-based counsel discussing impact on work-travel to US if convicted. Client receives ABSOLUTE DISCHARGE and NO CRIMINAL RECORD.